Olivia Bauer
I had the absolute best experience with AJ. I gave her my (very loose) vision and she far exceeded my expectations! I moved into a new apartment and wanted some help keeping things organized in a way that would make it harder for me to make a mess of. She spent the time to take measurements and order me products that perfectly fit into my space. I couldn’t recommend her more!
I found AJ randomly from an internet search and I am delighted to say she is a gem! She's professional, experienced, personable, and knows how to help people that are stuck or struggling with getting organized or letting go of things. She's been wonderful to work with and I've now hired her multiple times and plan on using her more in the future.
Kristy Burd
Alysa did an amazing and professional job of organizing our closet and making it super functional by installing lighting, creating systems for where items "live," and suggesting ways to expand the concept to other parts of the house. She organized our kitchen as well, and provided clever solutions for keeping cupboards and pantry streamlined. Thanks AJ!!!
Renee Wilson
AJ has a true gift! I couldn’t figure out what my reflexology room needed because I liked the arrangement but something wasn’t quite right. Her suggestions were spot on. With her insight my room now has a lighter feel with fresh energy. I would highly recommend booking with AJ. You will be glad you did.
Daniel Bird
The work that AJ has done to my living space has changed my life. I was used to living in a lifestyle of make piles and deal with it later, yet have always wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, and thanks to AJ that became possible. Her work brings a true feeling of long lasting results, I save time everyday with the organization processes she showed me and I could not be more grateful. So all together if you're work or living space is a mess give AJ a call, I can guarantee she will get the job done.
heather mccormick
AJ saved my kitchen and sanity! She is so easy to work with and definaly worth the $$. She is helping with the estate decluttering and organizing the whole house. I couldn't do all of this without her. She's a gem and I'd give her 500 stars if u could.
Brian phoenix
After moving to a new house, I could never get my daughter's room under control. I tried many times and spent numerous hours trying to get it clean and organized and under control, only to get overwhelmed and stressed out. AJ's work was a lifesaver. She got my daughter's room to a state of organization I never imagined possible! I wish I had found her services sooner! Her perspective has been eye opening and changed how I see challenges in my own house. I would recommend her services a thousand times over!